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Who are we?

1086Events, Physioquanta and N.A.M.E. join forces for an event collaboration. 

1086Events is an event agency that positions itself as a new medical-scientific wave.

Its objective is to collect and disseminate the knowledge of health experts based on their work and feedback. 

Physioquanta, managed by Guillaume Moreau, is an avant-garde Montpellier-based company that offers innovative solutions dedicated to doctors and health practitioners to accompany their patients every day towards a holistic health, in the understanding of the human being at the heart of its environment.

N.A.M.E, (New Anti-Aging Medical Education), International School of Anti-Aging and Innovative Medicine,  

N.A.M.E. was founded to provide a first-class educational platform for international health professionals with a focus on regeneration, integration and bio-medicine. Our Clinical Advisory Board is composed of leading experts, from all around the world, willing to share their expertise in the latest clinical protocols, technology and research. Our mission is to enable clinicians to improve patients' lives by providing the highest quality of care through personalized medicine.

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